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Two Moon AcademyTwo Moons Academy ┊Smut┊Yaoi/Yuri┊SupernaturalOpen ┊Close┊Under.Co┊Activity check                                                                                               ₪Welcome to Two Moons Academy,                                           This Academy is not  your ordinary Academy  ,                                                                                                                          This academy contain of  supernatural and magical student.Student of Two Moons Academy come from differnt backgrounds, from good to evil and evil to good. A lot of drama, tragedy, romance, sad, angst and love had happen here. This academy will gladly accpet you. This Academy is a all boy school.Are you one of these people?                                                                     If you are.....come and join us...                                                We gladly accpet you..                                                                                                                                                     ~Headmaster Kris                                                                                                    ♦   ~Index~♦Rules/Enroll  Ch.1♦Masterlist Ch.2♦Layout Ch.3♦Roommates/Classes Ch.4 ♦Couple list/Wish list Ch.5♦What your Dorm look llike Ch.6,7,8    ForewordI am looking for teacher.....