Can you Handle the Truth?

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Time: 6 month ago

Jason is finding it hard at his new collage, trying to make friends was hard and also collage studies were tyring. He honestly hated his parents for moving from his hometown. Leaving all his friends and his girlfriend behind was a big deal for him, he grew up in a small town where everyone was like family. He hated his life, that is until he met this beautiful person named Ren she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen (even more so than his own girlfriend). Ren was super nice to him when showing him round the collage faculties. But what happens when Jason finds out that Ren hangs out with a group of four guys who call themselves Nuest? Why was this beautiful girl involved in a gang filled with only boys? Was she one of their girlfriends? Or where they just using her as a booty call?   ForewordHer hair was tied in a pony tail leaveing her fringe loose falling to the side of her beautiful face, it was an amazing shade of chocolate brown that shimmered as the pony tail swayed in time with her footsteps as she walked a couple steps ahead of him. Ignoring the fact that she was wearing boy clothes she was the most beautiful person he had ever met. He was looking forward to studying with her in the future and also looking forward to getting to know her more. Who knows maybe she would make his life feel a whole lot better than it was.