She Is Not My Protector!

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Author: moonjunka
Time: 6 month ago

"I may be innocent but I am not a coward" That was the phrase that always haunted him. He tried to prove it to everyone in his school. Everyone underestimate him. He was a silent student. Sometimes, he felt he didnt belong to the school. Everything was so strange to him. People there treated him like he wasnt exist. Not to mention being bullied by the school bully, Kangjun and Ray. He tried to be strong, to beat them up but what could he do? He was just a silent kid that had no friend. His parents were busy with their own business that they dont even have time to talk to their only son.He tried to find his inner strength. He was sick of getting bullied by Kangjun and Ray. Everything changed when a person moved into the school. Things got worse when he got closer to a newbie in his school, his schoolmate, his classmate, the person who sat beside him in the class. He thought but he was wrong. She was the person who helped him. Helped him to be stronger and braver. Helped him to fight over the right thing.  Helped him to stand on his feet.He always wanted to marry her ideal girl. He always wanted to find her ideal girl when he got into the university. It didnt happen as what he planned. She wasnt her ideal type but he slowly grew his feelings towards her. He hated to admit it. He tried to deny it. He kept denying it until one day he realized, it was her. Characters Note: Siwoo(Kim Taemin) - 17 years old                             TK(Lee Minwoo) - 17 years old.                            Barom(Yu Barom) - 19 years old                            Kangjun & Ray - 18 years old                                                    ForewordHi! This is Eka. So this is one of my new fanfic. Its a C-Clown fanfic. Yeah. Im a Crowns since their debut and I am Siwoos fan. Hehehehe. Okay, actually I was inspired to write this story based on an old Korean MV (Idk what its title and song T_T) The MV moved me and gave me an idea to write this story. Heeeee. Anyway, feel free to read, subscribe and dont forget to leave comments. I would love to hear your opinions. Please look forward to it. Love you xoxo ^~^v