Summertime Sadness

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Author: Berzerk
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Donghae is in his final year of high school and still the biggest nerd ever. He gets good grades, doesnt fight, he even wears nerd glasses. Its all a cover up though. Donghae is actually a street fighter. Forced by his dad to fight for money. To cover up his bruises and cuts he wears long sleeve sweater which just pile on the teasing and bullying. He really has no way out of this life. Or does he~?  Eunhyuk is in his final year of high school and still the most popular kingka ever. Though he may not get good grades most dont care. The girls only hit on him for his body and every boy in school wants to be him. Eunyuk is also a bully to nerds but its just a cover up for his image. All he really wants is to make a true friend. He really might spend the rest of his alone. Or will he~?  One day these two souls meet under less than normal circumstances. Theyre meeting sparks a small fire between the two. Will they become friends like Eunhyuk wishes~? Will Donghae finally tell someone about his problems~?  Will love bloom between the two troubled boys of high school~? Foreword Eunhyuk was walking home from school and decided to take the back roads. Not such a great idea on his part but it was faster than going all the way around town. Sighing softly he tugged his backpack strap and continued down the road. Soon he could hear noises like yelling and fighting from around the corner of an alley way. Gluing his body to the wall next to the corner he peeked his head in to see what was going on. Only to met with one of the most shocking and strange things he had ever seen. In the middle of the alley was a circle of about 20-30 men and woman. All of whom were cheering and holding money in their hands. What the heck? he though as he tried to look closer. Finding no way to get into the alley without someone seeing him he spotted a ladder above him. Quickly climbing it he stood on the metal balcony and looked over to the circle once more. Only for his eyes to open wider than before. Standing in the circle was none other than his main target Donghae. What the hell is he doing!?" he thought. Upon closer inspection Eunhyuk could see that Donghae wasns in his normal attire. Now he was wearing a loose, white t-shirt and some skinny jeans. He didnt even have his glasses on! Pretty weird for a fight as anyone could tell but to Donghae this one came as a surprise. Donghae had walked home after changing and just put his bag on the floor when his father grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him out of the house. So here he was in the middle of the circle. Fighting a man much older than he was. The man was around his 30s with a grizzly beard and a bulky frame. Almost twice the size of Donghae but his father didnt care. All he wanted was the money and didnt care how hed get it. Eunhyuk continued to watch the spectacle as Donghae threw punches and kicks at the full-grown male. To his surprise Donghae was light on his feet. Like he had been doing this sort of thing for quite a while. Which in reality was true. Donghae had been forced to fight like this since he entered high school. As he threw another punch at the man he dodged it and swung his fist directly into Donghaes stomach. With the wind knocked out of him Donghae stumbled back. The punch was so hard that blood was dripping out of his mouth and onto his white shirt. Now the shirt was ripped to shreds so he tore it off and threw it to the ground. Eunhyuk could now clearly see the blood and sweat drpping of Donghae as he stood ready for his next attack. (Part of Chapter 1)(Main image and background will be added later!)First Fanfiction~! ^^ I hope you like it!